Your Voice Matters

We aspire to leverage the influence of local media to promote critical thinking and active participation. The Democracy Project’s initial phase involved running a series of advertisements across Metroland’s community and daily newspapers, and websites. The ads included thought-provoking questions, which we hoped would capture diverse voices and opinions — embracing the essence of democracy. We were keen to observe whether our readers would recognize differing perspectives and potentially explore alternative viewpoints or, at the very least, respect others’ entitlement to differing opinions. Moving forward, we will maintain our engagement with readers, attentively listening to their feedback. We will actively challenge misleading and unsupported assertions, ensuring our platform remains a conduit for diverse voices to be heard.

In addition, we engage with a Community Advisory Council in the markets that we serve to hear voices from the community. Each advisory council consists of dozens of community leaders and influencers in the fields of government, business, education, health care, policing, advocacy, and social justice. Torstar and Metroland aim to gather intelligence from the many advisory councils. Numerous stories have been explored based on feedback from this group.

Watch this website for additional information on projects that will enable you to share your opinions, learn from others and participate in the Democracy Project.

Below are three of the questions and some of the responses we received.

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